Monday, 11 March 2013

Nav's Gallery Report: Bilston Craft Gallery

Last week I visited the Bilston Craft Gallery which is situated near Bilston town centre. The gallery has a reputation of exhibiting modern and contemporary artists and designers within the disciplines of ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, metal, woodwork and many others. When walking through the first exhibiting room there were a large range of enamels which are famous and part of the Bilston heritage, these enamels are a collection from the past 300 years from local craftsman in the Black Country.

The exhibition which was currently on show was the 'Bags: The Craft Of The Carrying Companion'. This exhibition showed a range of personal approaches to bags, with different design aesthetics and ways of manufacturing carrying cases such as rucksacks, ipad cases and suitcases. These were made from a range of materials such as leather, textiles and basketry etc.

When looking at each designers innovative approach to bags I could see diversity between them, some by the way that they have assembled the bag together and others with the kind of fabrics they have chosen to use to create these fully functional accessories. Alongside each designers collection was a description of each exhibitors profile and a mini interview compiled of questions about their personal approach and design journey of their creations. Questions such as 'what are the top 5 things you always carry in your bag' gave it an endearing and personal touch.

Here are some examples of Lisa Farmer's work exhibited at the show.

Bags designed by Lisa Farmer

For more information on the Bilston Craft Gallery click here.

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