Monday, 11 February 2013

New Stitch Collaboration . . .

Last week I embarked on a new collaborative project with photographer, fine artist and editor Christophe Dillinger.  I've been collecting stitch samplers for the last couple of years from antiques fairs and charity shops.  What attracted me to them was an intention to add in some stitch graffiti (such as I'd done with my 'great tits rule' cushion) but having had no time until now they have ended up sitting in a drawer at the studio doing nothing.  When I dug them back out again recently I found myself procrastinating about what to do instead of getting started.

Christophe's newest work had been popping up in my facebook news feed, a series of collected plates which he had 'graffitied' onto using sticky labels or tippex. I thought the tapestries could be just up his street to add another dimension to this new body of work.  Here's a few examples of his plate series . . .

We had our 1st meeting on Friday to discuss our options.  As my usual practice is very labour intensive and time consuming, Christophe's approach of making simple alterations with the impermanence of stickers is going to take some getting used to for me. We've come up with some interesting 1st ideas though and Christophe is so keen on the pieces he intends to include them in an exhibition of his work in Athens this March.  We are inviting your input though for the piece shown below, which is just crying out to have a caption added.  The best suggestion will get stitched on by myself in time for the exhibition.  Looks like I'm going to have to do some speedy stitching!

To suggest you caption click here

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